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Skillful Sardine was born on November 2021, and it’s focused on helping you work faster and save time. We provide information and consultancy to anyone who wants to become more productive.

Our vision is to empower and enrich people’s lives by allowing them to do more in less time while teaching them to do things they didn’t know were possible.

You’re not alone if you feel that you spend the whole day running and never doing what you need to do. Check out some of our projects that contain a lot of information that can help you get more done is less time.

Manuel Gomes

Founder & CEO

Manuel Gomes is the current CEO and founder of Skillful Sardine. He’s from Portugal and is passionate about productivity and having technology help us do more with less time. After working 16 years as a Developer and Project / Portfolio manager, he’s seen how people can waste a lot of time doing tasks that computers could do for us, so now he’s committed to showing people that it’s possible to automate daily tasks efficiently.

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