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easier with automation

Making things simpler, more productive, and more enjoyable giving you more time to live – and love life.
It’s as simple as that!

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About Us

Machines do repetitive work better than us.

Machines are much better at doing repetitive work than us, so let’s let them do it. Focus on the tasks that only you can do and save time and money in the process. You may already have the tools at your disposal and are not using them.

  • Focus on creative work
  • Leave the tedious work for the machines.
  • Use the tools that you probably already have

Our Services

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Where did it start?

The Sardine was born from a personal blog.

It started as the personal blog of Manuel T Gomes, with literally hundreds of thousands of visitors, helping people fix their software frustrations. It turned then into our mission.

A Portuguese company that focuses on helping you and making your life easier – at least from a software perspective.

Here’s the website where it all started…


What Clients Say About Us

“Manuel is a very friendly person and a dedicated professional to his work. He is always attentive, decisive, consistent, and most importantly, open to finding the best solution for any given situation. Working with him to develop projects is truly a pleasure.”

David Espadas

Alsina / Digital Project Manager

“My experience with Manuel was truly invaluable! From tackling a pressing issue I couldn’t crack online to sharing insightful best practices honed from years of hands-on experience, he was an absolute lifesaver.
I highly recommend him!”

Rita Pedrosa

ARPedrosa / Personal Digital Tailor

“I would like to thank Manuel T Gomes for providing knowledge and learning about Power Apps and Power Automate. I’m a begginer in the field with Microsoft software and your materials have helped me a lot.
Thank you so much! 🤗”

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have a project in mind? Let’s discuss it…

If you have any project in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll do our best to help you with the project or recommend someone who can help you.

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